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Fairytale of Rain..

I heard rain drops, suddenly sounded like heavy rain. Is he all right? Did he get wet? I talked to myself. I knew he ran out of battery and could not be contacted. It was already 10 pm. Where did he take shelter after getting off the bus? Is he ok? I can imagine him hugging his bag from behind to protect it from the rain and maybe shivering a bit because of the cold.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I stopped my cooking.. I took a big rainbow-colored umbrella, walked to the front of the house and waited for him.

The rain was so heavy.. I just stood there for 5 minutes and the bottom of my dress got all wet. But I didn’t care. I still stood there with the eye-catching umbrella in front of the house, deliberately waiting for him so he wouldn’t get wet when he opened the taxi door.


Still waiting

I stepped below the big street lamp hoping he could see me when he arrived. Time flew.. the rain still danced strongly and the cold invaded my skin as the wind blew.

I knew he’s almost here, I just knew..

Then he arrived.. I think he noticed the big rainbow-colored umbrella was me. He ran to my umbrella with a smile. “U ok?” I asked. He just smiled then kissed me on my forehead. “Thank you for waiting” he replied.

He took the umbrella with his right hand then he held my hand with his left. I felt like happiness had caught up with me again, as the sadness of my bad day at work poured down with the drops of rain.

We walked to the house together and laughed at my cheesy jokes as always.



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