Photo by USGS on Unsplash

Soft Rose-Colored Stone Necklace

A book of my mind


Sometimes simple things work like a time machine.

Today I just found my necklace.

I remember he gave me this necklace 5 years ago. It was our third date after 5 years not seeing each other. We were walking to our parking spot and he suddenly handed me a wrapped bag and said “This is for you”. I was a bit confused, then I just replied “thanks”. I opened that wrapped bag and inside was a necklace. The necklace has a simple twisted black rope. It carried a cute soft rose-colored stone as a pendant. The stone looked like a crystal with smoky pattern. The size of which is like a marble, but not as round.

He was quiet when I unwrapped the bag. It seemed like he was in a zone between excitement and worry that I didn’t like it. I can see that he was waiting for my reaction. Then I smiled and thanked him for that necklace. I remember his face blushed. He gave me a little smile back. Everything seemed so awkward and warm at that time. I asked myself “what next?” Should I ask him to put the necklace on me? I think he would be too shy, so better not.

When I arrived home, I sat down in my bed, looked at the necklace. I knew I’ve seen this necklace before in a bookstore. I remembered there were different kinds of stone. Each has its own meaning depending on the color. It reminded me of a small talk a few years back that I had with my friend when I saw that same necklace in a bookstore. “Why would people bother buying this? Does anyone really believe in this?” And now he gave me this necklace.

I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and put the necklace on. I was laughing a bit. Laughing because I remembered his silly shy face in the car and also felt like it was so childish. But somehow it made me happy too. I asked him why he gave me the necklace?! He said that he just love the meaning of that stone. Every stone has their own meaning. The pink stone has a meaning of sincere love. The things that he never felt for any other girl except me. He never really told me about his feeling at that time. So giving me this necklace was his way of telling me about his feeling.

I have worn that necklace for many years since. I’ve placed it in small box in exchange for the necklace I now wear. A necklace that he bought as a gift for our wedding 2 years ago. The new necklace is way more expensive than the one before but actually the warm feeling when I got my new necklace is pretty much the same as the previous one.

For me, it doesn’t really matter about the price of the gift, what really matter is the person who gave it. From this memorable gift I learn that everyone has their own way of expressing their feeling to others. Some might directly tell what they feel, some might express it through other things. Just like my soft rose-colored stone necklace, for example.