Photo by Adriana Velásquez on Unsplash

The Magic in Holding Hands

A book of my mind


Remember the first time I learned the magic of holding hands.

At that time I was 16 years old, we were walking together in the evening and then he suddenly grabbed my hand as we were about to cross the road to catch the bus.

I remember it felt like freezing.

Time seemed to stop.

For a moment I was like someone who forgot what I was doing.

My eyes that had previously seen the road immediately focused on seeing his eyes which suddenly looked so beautiful.

I’m sure I stood still for awhile even we were sitting on the bus. Silent because I was too embarrassed and confused by what I felt.

And I remember I felt so relieved when I saw the sun began to fade so he couldn’t see my blushing face.

There is nothing special about the hands, the shape, the temperature, the softness of his skin, and the strength of the grips are like any other. I’ve held other hands and it felt so normal, but it was different with him.

The ordinary thing somehow becomes extraordinary when I know it is his hand. I surely thought that it was just my brain tricking me, how can holding hands with him surprisingly increase my serotonin levels that it gave me so much happiness?

In the end…

I don’t care and I just love the way my brain is playing with me, giving me all that sensations just from the touch of his hand. I really admired this kind of gesture. We walked then he held my hand. I knew instantly I was not alone, as if it was his way of telling me that he was protecting me and that he cared for me.

So it is true what people say “when you are happy time flies faster”, because when he held my hand, time seemed so fleeting.